Why Endless Blab?



Hello, there!

First of all, this is my blog, not yours. You are a guest, and you are going to get a glimpse of my world, so please behave like one. No hating, no ill and demeaning comments allowed. This is my way of releasing my inner demons that speaks to my head while I am supposed to enjoy the silence of the night and succumb to deep slumber. This is my personal space where I nurture my self-imposed creativity, to allow the “Audrey-Hepburn-girls-are-prettiest-in-pink” influence, to inspire and provide simple “how to’s”  to anything I find significantly blog worthy. This is basically an outlet of my brimming mind to express so I can function normally in the real demanding-selfish-fast paced-world without the need to strangle the person next to me (Hah! I am just kidding).  This blog will contain everything under the stars and the sun, although I would have wanted to focus only on fashion and beauty. However, while going through the daily grind of my non-existent social life brought about by my job and pseudo-prison environment, and the daily experiences I go through every day, I have decided to just post anything and everything. And that’s why it’s called ENDLESS BLAB. My brain blabbers endlessly. If you do not feel like going through it without raising your perfectly shaped eyebrows, please feel free to leave this site. No harm done. But if you are curious and willing to scroll down and read some more, THANK YOU and YOU ARE WELCOME.  🙂


PS: Credit to the owner of this picture: thinktheology.org/lukegeraty

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