KitchTen Minute: Bread Pudding from Scratch


Okay, I am craving for some homemade pudding I used to get from Café Leona’s in Cebu and I was dreaming about it for some time. And by some naughty trick of the Universe, I found some left over bread but I cannot tell you where I found them. Haha. Seriously, I took it from the aircraft. Okay, alright, I know it is not allowed to take anything from the aircraft but I just had the impulse to take the bread that is about to be thrown. (I promise, they are going to throw it away since they are changing our catering supplies. Hmmm. I think I sound super guilty now.) So basically, when I saw the bread, an idea popped in my head. I mean, why not make pudding out from the stale bread. Although technically, they were not stale yet. So yeah, during my flight today, I took the entire pack, (*slightly guilty here*) and brought them home. I was not very tired since I only operated just one leg. In the aviation lingo, leg means flight.

Anyway, I am just too happy with the result although it appears “custard like” to me. Nevertheless, it satisfied my cravings.

Here’s how I did it. Okay, this did not take me ten minutes to bake. I guess it took me ten minutes to prepare and forty minutes to bake. So for the heck of my chosen title of KitchTen Minute, let this recipe be labeled under KitchTen Minute: Bread Pudding from Scratch.

  1. I took bread from the aircraft. Okay, you can find bread in your pantry or fridge that has sat for a few days. Make sure there are no molds in the bread.
  2. I prepared milk, sugar and eggs. I simply measured everything by approximation.
  3. In a bowl, I mixed melted butter, milk and four eggs. I wanted my pudding fluffy so I added more eggs. I mixed them very well and added a pinch of salt.
  4. In another bowl, I crushed the bread. Crushed – since the consistency of the bread is that of a soft cracker. (Yeah, I don’t like the bread in the aircraft. I don’t eat them during flight.)
  5. I greased the baking pan with melted butter and started putting bread making sure they occupy the entire four corners of the pan. Then I poured the mixture and made sure that they all get soggy. (Too soggy for my taste. Duh.)
  6. I preheated the oven to 180 degrees from ten minutes and placed the pan to bake for 40 minutes making sure that the top part does not get burned.
  7. Once done, I took it out to cool.

I am a bit of a frustrated chef, so I played with toppings. I have some strawberry cheesecake icercream and I decided putting it as a topping. The cold ice cream added some texture to the warm pudding and well, for the heck of it, I can say that it tasted good. ❤ Hope you get what you are craving for. And I hope you get your own pudding done right. J

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