My Malaysian Love Affair. The Gypsy in Esmeralda, Sans Quasimodo.

“We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfillment.” –Hilaire Belloc

I had too much to deal with lately and I really wanted to breathe somewhere that I can have fun, think and write. I am not a coward; I do not run away from whatever stresses me out usually. I am the type to sit down, get a pen and paper and write whatever possible solutions or consequences I can think of to that specific problem. But lately, my plate was just too much, it was brimming full and I am about to explode.

So, out of the blue, I went on a trip –alone. I was hesitant at first. I had a lot of what ifs. What if I will get lost? What if I will get sick in the middle of my trip with no one to help me with? What if I will be ripped off or worst be in danger? What if I will be drugged or raped? Hahaha. I thought of that too. I have had too many what ifs but I really wanted to get away from what is suffocating so me. I needed to be somewhere foreign, where I can actually test myself if I can ever be alone, and I wanted a breath of fresh air. With so many things that were holding me down, I booked a ticket via Cebu Pacific. I took a three day leave, leaving people, things and my comfort zone behind. I packed lightly, packing only my essentials and I did not have a specific place in mind. I wanted to go somewhere I am slightly familiar of, and where people can actually speak English decently. I was thinking of going to Vietnam, but I haven’t spent enough time to research for the place. I was also thinking of Thailand, but it is also a rainy season there and Thailand is my bucket place for that hot, summer body, so it was automatically out of my options. I have a lot of Indonesian trip due to my job and when I get back to flying; my roster is actually full of Jakarta flights. Bali is also out of the option list since, again, it isn’t summer anymore. Seoul, Japan and China were in almost winter season and I wanted to travel lightly, plus I have an auto immune problem that, when triggered with the cold temperature, renders me useless and won’t be able to walk. My best option was Malaysia, given that I have had a lot of flights there but I never had the chance to explore the place on my own pace and timing. Malaysia was perfect for me, – a mix of cultural hot pots and a bustling city of decent, good mannered people that spoke English quiet well.

I had no specific plans, no specific destinations, and no specific itinerary. I guess, this was my ever first time to jump out of the sinking boat and swam to the surface all by myself and without the help of any life jacket. My three days trip was further extended for another three days. And I did not regret every bit of it.

When I left from Manila, I was on an assignment, – to challenge myself and see if I can actually make it to the real world all by myself. When I returned from Malaysia, I was a different person. How different? You may ask. I have discovered that I am brave enough to travel the unknown and that I am capable of it.

Free your gypsy soul, loves. I came back a gypsy like Esmeralda. Only that, I haven’t found my Quasimodo. ❤


One comment

  1. aribahabdullah · December 4, 2014

    Hey check out my blog for some tips if you ever come to visit East Coast of Malaysia 🙂


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